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Ever unsure of what exactly you should buy at the grocery store? Check out my definitive grocery list of healthy organic food items. 

  • Spinach: anti-inflammatory, full of vitamins A, K and iron

  • Broccoli : cholesterol-lowering benefits, full of vitamin C

  • Kale: good for the brain, full of vitamins A, C and K

  • Asparagus: good for kidneys and bladder, full of fiber and vitamins

  • Tomatoes: linked to reducing the risk of prostate and ovarian cancer

  • Carrots: loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene

  • Oranges: full of immune-boosting vitamin C and fiber

  • Blueberries: antioxidant loaded with fiber and vitamin C

  • Apples: full of immune-boosting vitamin C and fiber


  • Almonds: good for the heart, full of fiber and calcium

  • Walnuts: good for the heart and helps lower cholesterol

  • Sunflower Seeds: antioxidant, full of magnesium and vitamin E

  • Beans: high in fiber, protein, iron and vitamin B

  • Salmon: good for the heart, good source for Omega-3

  • Chicken: high in protein and vitamin B

  • Turkey: a lean protein full of vitamin B

  • Green Tea: antioxidant linked to reducing the risk of cancer

  • Water: good source for hydration and digestion